Saved Delta Miles for 3 Years to Fly First Class on our Honeymoon #Worthit

Well I’m excited to report that our 4am wake up and 6:30am flight out of Sacramento was a wonderful treat! We saved our Delta miles from business flights, personal flights and Delta Amex rewards to treat ourselves to this incredible experience to kick off our honeymoon. We were greeted with breakfast and beverages on our first leg to Seattle (no we did not take advantage of the alcohol yet, 6am was a little too early for even us, and we knew there was more to come!).
Our international flight and ticket also afforded us access to the Delta sky lounge where we indulged in complementary Baileys and coffee, a wonderful lunch spread, mimosas and cervezas.
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Up next was our fully reclining bed seats, complementary movies and quite the 4 course meal. We were treated to complementary champagne upon boarding and later, Dewars whiskey, Spanish blend wine, appetizer of burrata, olive oil and crackers, a soup and salad course of beer soup with pretzel bread and a side of roasted veggies.
Side note: Up to this point I am still failing to take any food pictures due to the early morning and my ever forgetfulness to snap a photo before I devour my food…
We were then offered 5 entree options – Nicholas chose the roasted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and I enjoyed the 5 spice pork with ginger sauce and chanterelle mushrooms (they were both great but I think I made the better choice 😉) And if ALL that wasn’t enough, they came by after with a dessert cart complete with ice cream sundaes and dessert wine. At this point I’m about to explode but who am I to refuse a free ice cream sundae! Finally, half way through eating I remembered to take some pictures!
Topped off the flight with a tasty scrambled egg, spinach, sausage & croissant breakfast just before landing.
As you can probably tell I am a huge foodie and love to experience new adventures and places through its food and beverage offerings. The fully reclining bed seats, complementary movies, head phones, socks, eye mask, Kiels lip balm and hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, light down blanket and full sized pillow were also much appreciated 🙂
Despite some hassles on the phone getting this flight booked, our experience on our journey to Phuket was fabulous! Now the big question –  do we use the rest of our points for a first class flight back or save them for our next adventure??
Here’s the point details for those interested:
Flight costs:
80,000 each for first class from Sacramento, CA to Phuket, Thailand one way.
40,000 each for economy class home  from Bali to Sacramento one way.
TOTAL: 240,000 points (additional 80,000 if we want to fly home 1st 😬)
Points earned:
50,000 points – Nicholas’s Delta Platinum Amex card offer for $3,000 card spending in 3 months
50,000 points – Megan’s Delta Platinum Amex card offer for $3,000 card spending in 3 months
120,000 points – Megan’s work travel, Silver and Gold status bonus points and work Amex spending
100,000 points – Megan & Nicholas’s personal travel and card spending (a large chunk of these were due to using our cards for wedding expenses, another large chunk is to politely requesting mileage as compensation when I’ve experienced any issues with Delta in the past 😉).
Hope you can find some creative ways to book or upgrade your next flight with points!
Nick & Meg

3 thoughts on “Saved Delta Miles for 3 Years to Fly First Class on our Honeymoon #Worthit

  1. Well I got a bad cold on our last two days in Europe, so having that first class upgrade made all the difference in me being able to sleep and just watch movies all the way home.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure! Miss you guys, but love to see/read this!

  2. Now that you have “tasted” first class travel on a ridiculously long flight, I think you will be miserable flying home on economy. But, you have plenty of time to contemplate your decision. Keep the blog posts coming, would love to follow.

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